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The proficiency in English language is not a requirement for students/applicants whose mother language is the English Language or they have received Secondary Education in countries where English is the native language.

Students who do not posses any of the above English Language requirements must attend the English Language Placement Test before they get admission to the program of their choice. 


English Language Placement Test (ELPT)

Upon registration all students, apart from those satisfying the admission requirement regarding the English Language, will be required to take the College English Language Placement Test at the time of enrollment. Students, who fail the test, will be required to take the Foundation Course before beginning their program of study. Students in order to succeed in the ELPT should receive a score higher than 50% (included).           The Foundation Program has a minimum duration of one academic semester and a maximum of two. In order to qualify to the program the student must pass the examination at the end of the semester(s).

Special Admission:

Transfer Student

International transfer student in order to be eligible for regular admission must be full time student in another tertiary institution when they apply to the college and they should have settled their financial obligations with that institution. Credits are transferred for all the courses if the syllabus covered by the student matches the college’s course syllabus, provided that a grade of C- or higher has been earned.

Intensive English language Course

All the programs of study offer the student the opportunity to improve their English language level through the “Summer Intensive English Language Course” in the form of short courses with duration of ten weeks:

(α) Conditions:

(i)   The Summer Intensive English Language Course will be selected courses with explicit timetables and analytic programs (course syllabus).


(ii)  The short preparatory Courses will be taught at the college’s premises and will include five daily instructive periods of 50’, five days per week.


(iii) At the end of the “short preparatory Summer Intensive English Language Course” no credit certificate of study will be given.


(iv) In case that the admission of new students concerns overseas students, along with their application to the Ministry of Education and Culture for approval of the qualified list, the timetable will also be submitted with all the courses and corresponding lecturers.


(v) The Summer Intensive English Language Course period does not represent a third semester. It will begin first week of July and end by the mid of September.


Foundation program of study:

 In this sector one preparatory year of study of duration of two academic semesters will be offered as well, in the frames of the timetable and the analytic program of sectors as follows:


(a) Conditions:

(i) Students that fill the minimum terms of registration as required by the article 2 of law 67 (1) /96, and they have certain deficiencies in their education, e.g. low level of the English Language, they will become acceptable in the particular program of study only after they take the English language placement examination. Students that fail the English language placement examination, they will be placed in the first academic semester of the foundation program of study.


  1. Students will be placed in the first semester of the foundation year if they have achieved a score lower than 50% on the ELPT

(ii)  During his/her studies in the first or the second academic semester of the preparatory year of studies, the student will be taught daily at least five instructive periods but will not go through practical training in the industry. All courses are mandatory. The duration of each period will be roughly 50', five periods per day, five days per week.


(iv) If the performance of the students at the end of the second academic semester of the foundation year of studies is considered satisfactory, i.e. they have earned a 5o% and over at the end of the semester final exam then the students will be classified in the first academic semester of the first year of studies of their program of study.

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