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Why MKC City College

Cyprus Advantages


Cyprus became a fully-fledged member of the EU on 1 May 2004. This will result in considerable benefits and obviously increase contacts with other Member States. It will give easy access to an enlarged market for Cyprus goods, services and individuals.  Cyprus’ geographical position will strengthen Europe’s connections with the countries of the Middle East and Africa.

“Cyprus’ geographical position, the deep-lying bonds which for 2000 years place the island at the very fount of European culture and civilization, the strong European influence on the values shared by the people of Cyprus which is obvious and the cultural, political and social life of its citizens, the numerous and various contacts with the Community, all these elements lend Cyprus, beyond all doubt, its European identity and character and confirm its European trends.”

(Taken from the EU Commission’s opinion on Cyprus’ application for membership.)

We at M.K.C.City College Larnaca  fully recognize the importance of Cyprus’ developing role at the heart of European business and the opportunity it gives for expansion of our services’ market.

Cyprus has the added advantage of being a very safe place to live and has a low crime rate compared to most other European counties.  
A part of Cyprus’ unique nature is its close family environment with the emphasis on education and achievement which results in it being particularly safe for female students.

The College, too, is like an extended family that emphasizes these same principles. This family environment makes students feel more welcome and ready to adapt to life here.

Cyprus has a high standard of living at a low cost.  The wealth per citizen (GDP per capital) is one of the highest in Europe.

Higher education in Cyprus lies within the competence of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Department of Higher and Tertiary Education).
Private schools of tertiary education are controlled and supervised by the Ministry and were founded during the last two decades.

At  MKC City College we offer programmes in various fields of study at sub-degree level. Our main objective is to prepare students for a successful professional career.

The opportunities which the EU offers its citizens for living, studying and working in other countries make a major contribution to cross-cultural understanding, personal development and the realization of the EU’s full economic potential.

Thanks to changes in EU law, qualifications gained in one EU country are recognised in others, and workers have EU-wide rights to social protection and welfare. So there are no hidden pitfalls to switching jobs and countries. The qualification you gain at KIMON will open the door to furthering your potential not only across Europe but anywhere there’s an English-speaking environment.

Located in a European country with low living cost and an even lower crime rate M.K.C.City College Larnaca enables students to save on their expenses for daily needs.

Accommodation and living expenses in Cyprus

M.K.C.City College Larnaca  advises international students in finding suitable accommodation at a short distance from the College. It is most economical for students to share a furnished apartment or house (including kitchen, bathroom, living room and individual bedrooms).

The expenses below are based on 3-4 students sharing 1 furnished apartment:

150 Rent minimum
25 Electricity
15 Telephone (local calls)
120 Food
40 Books & stationery
100 Miscellaneous (leisure etc.)

450 Euro per month minimum

NOTE: These expenses will vary depending on the life-style of the student and must be adjusted accordingly.

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