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Why MKC City College

Services for Students with Disabilities

Equality of Access and Opportunity

Discrimination is considered as the unfair treatment of one person or group, usually because of prejudice about race, ethnic group, age group, religion, or gender.

At MKC City College there is no discrimination against students with disabilities in recruitment, admission or treatment and after admission like participation in college programs. Our Admissions SD Services Office is responsible to offer support and assistance in any kind of problem as well as to assist disabled students dealing with issues relating to discrimination.

“Give & Get Respect” Campaign:

The unique goal of this campaign is to promote awareness, an essential part of equality of access and opportunity. All together, we are able to create and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment that provides the support and opportunity necessary for all members of any community to prosper, hope and achieve.

Give us your view:

It is our responsibility to treat every fellow member of our environment with dignity and respect. The meaning of “Respect’’ is defined and demonstrated in a variety of ways in different situations.

Views of “Respect’’
What is Your Own View of Respect?

“Respect means taking the time to realize that everyone sees and experiences the world in a unique way. Once you realize these differences you can make efforts to respect people in the way they feel respected”.

“Respect is slowing down and taking the time to understand each other”.

“To me, respect means that my ideas will be valued, heard, and considered”.

“Respect is for you to walk in my shoes”.

“Respect is two-fold: one must acknowledge and appreciate both the social and individual identities of others to truly have a sense of respect i.e. the socially ascribed characteristics such as race, religion, and gender are integral to be aware of aside from and in relation to those attributes generally deemed to be a manifestation of personal quality”.

Give us your opinion of Respect at the following section if you wish to be added on the above list (no personal elements are published or used for any reason):



Information About Disabilities

The following are some suggestions for communication that can make both you and a student with disabilities more comfortable:

  • A person with a disability is first and foremost a human being with many unique qualities, only one of which may be an impairment that is handicapping in particular settings.
  • Second, avoid references, phrases, and words that suggest restrictions, limitations, or boundaries because these phrases tend to carry stereotypes and contribute to discriminating attitudes. Even if a person with disabilities refers to him or herself in particular ways, using phrases like "confined to a wheelchair" reflect poor judgment on the part of the speaker or writer. If you feel awkward in how to refer to a person with disabilities, your best bet may be to ask the person.
For more information or assistance you can contact our Admissions SD Services Office by email at:
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