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Scholarships at MKC City College


Many students have received their MKC City College education because scholarship support was available to deserving students - some of the best and brightest in our classrooms. The support of alumni and friends makes a significant difference in the lives of MKC City College students and helps fulfill the mission to provide excellent student-centered education.

When making a scholarship contribution, College Advancement staff will assist you in choosing which scholarship option is aligned with your interests and goals. There are two types of scholarships that can be used for the college highest priorities or designated to a college, school, and program.

Endowed scholarships

Your scholarship contribution creates an endowment and is invested by the college. The endowment's annual income is awarded to the students as a scholarship. The scholarship endowment will exist in perpetuity, continuing a very long and important tradition of support. A minimum 4000 euros contribution is required for an endowed scholarship.

Expendable scholarships

Your total contribution will be awarded over a period of one or more years.

MKC City College staff will work with you to establish your scholarship, including how to fund the scholarship, the purpose, the criteria, and selection process.

The scholarship Program Announcement, guidelines and application materials will be made available for the Applicants of MKC City College starting from September 2017. 
For more details please consult the Application materials provided or email us on

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