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More than 30 years of alumni building relationships with students and with one another -- now that's a tradition worth participating in! Network Global promote the career interests of the MKC City College community by bringing together alumni and students to discuss career issues and the current job market.

If you're an alumnus or alumna, we invite you to help yourself and help MKC City students at Network Global. This is your chance to make valuable connections, find qualified applicants to fill open positions, and give career advice to current students.

To register for one or more Network Global,email us  if  you have questions about Network Global, call 00 357 70003535.
POLICY: MKC City College will actively undertake fundraising activities which will serve to enhance the mission, vision and values of the College.
PREAMBLE: MKC City College welcomes donations to fund activities that support the mandate of MKC City College and provide financial assistance for students through scholarships, awards and bursaries. MKC City College follows the highest standards of donor stewardship and accountability.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure:
  • An informed decision is made as to the acceptance of a donation;
  • A donation is receipted in accordance with legal requirements;
  • All solicitations are conducted in an appropriate manner;
  • Best practices and procedures are followed; and
  • Equitable relations with donors.

Designated Donation

A donation given where the donor has specified where the support is to be directed.

A voluntary transfer of property of value for which the donor expects and receives nothing in return. The term donation may be used interchangeably with “gift”.

Donated tangible and intangible property including real property, notes, mortgages, limited partnership interests, royalty or copyright interests, art, books, equipment, automobiles, inventory, personal property, software, securities, planned gifts, and other physical assets or materials which represent a value to MKC City College.

Planned Gifts
Includes but not limited to a bequest, life insurance, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust (remainder or residual) and a gift of securities.

A sponsorship is defined as a voluntary transfer of resources from a person, organization, or business to the College based on the expectation that the sponsor will receive promotional consideration in exchange for the support provided.

Official Donation Receipt

A receipt issued by MKC City College Foundation to a donor for income tax purposes.

Undesignated Donation

A donation given to MKC City College where the donor has not specified where the support is to be directed.


  1. All fund raising activities, including those not requiring assistance from the College Advancement Office, will be coordinated through the College Development Office.
  2. The College Advancement Office will act as a communications/coordination source for information regarding outside funding sources, (i.e. Foundations, etc).
  3. All fund raising activities shall be conducted in a positive, professional manner to enhance long lasting relationships with donors, prospective donors and the community.
  4. Fundraising activities shall be conducted for the purpose of supporting operating and capital initiatives of the College and must comply with all applicable government regulations.
  5. All fund raising projects will be systematically planned in advance, including appropriate levels of approval.
  6. Any conditions associated with a donation will be assessed and the level of required approval will be determined.
  7. All financial arrangements will be carried out in a manner consistent with College accounting policies and procedures.
  8. All funds and/or gifts-in-kind are for the purpose of the College and not for any individual or corporate partner.
  9. The donor recognition policy will ensure the consistency of recognition among all donors
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