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MKC City College e-Library’s name was given in honor of Dr. Takey Crist, in June 11th 2009 .


Dr.Takey Crist the Founder of Cyprus Museum 




Takey Crist, is the founder of the Cyprus Museum. A surgeon by profession, grew up in Jacksonville, NC, in the 1950's. His parents  are both Cypriots. He went to the University of North Carolina where he completed his undergraduate and medical studies. Before he turned 32, Crist was chief resident in obstetrics/gynecology at Chapel Hill. Since then his medical career has moved inexorably upward.

Crist has produced scores of publications in medicine and earned dozens of research grants, teaching posts, and Washington, DC, health - related consultancies. Today he presides over a medical complex in Jacksonville that includes an out - patient surgery center, a birthing center, and the Crist Clinic for Women. The clinic provides family planning, birth control, and obstetrical procedures. "Medicine is what I love to do" he says and he continues to deliver babies.

Crist's passion for Cyprus was born after 1974. "I really became involved in my culture and background after the invasion", Crist explains. "Before the invasion, I had seen my relatives owning orange and lemon orchards and working in banking, and all of a sudden they're sitting in refugee camps, having lost everything. It got to me. So I got involved".

Takey Crist became informed about the antiquities that came out of Cyprus and then acted. "I began reading about the antiquities and the desecration of churches in occupied Cyprus. I talked about it with some friends in Cypriot Organizations, and I decided to buy Cypriot antiquities so that Cyprus's cultural heritage might be preserved. In the summer of 1990 I went to Cyprus with my friend Marios Evriviadis, and we bought old costumes and other folk items. A few weeks later a container appeared at m house. When I realized that I didn't have enough room to house everything, I thought of starting a museum".

That's how Dr Crist came up with the idea of founding the Cyprus Museum. The love for his paternal land and his desire to maintain the heritage of Cyprus alive led and continue leading his actions.



The Learning Resource Centre is situated at the new building, in a quiet area, designed to provide students with a comfortable and well-equipped site, able to meet their academic requirements as well as the professional needs of the personnel. The library includes a vast amount of curricular and co-curricular materials such as books,journals, magazines, tapes and CDs. The book section covers a variety of areas such as literature, computer science, accounting, humanities and social sciences. An online library is also available and it can be accessed via the computers at MKC City College.

Library Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday, morning hours: 8:30am - 1:30pm, afternoon hours: 3:00pm - 5:00 pm



The mission of the MKC City College Library is to provide access to and delivery of information resources to MKC City College students, faculty, and staff in support of the research and instructional mission of the College. The Library develops, organizes, and preserves collections for optimal use and provides links to remote information sources.

The Library provides services, including instruction for information literacy and information management, to enable its users to fulfill their academic and intellectual needs. The Library also provides resources and services to non-College users to the extent possible.

Relying on its highly skilled staff, the Library encourages innovation, capitalizes on appropriate technologies, forges effective partnerships, and aggressively promotes excellence.


MKC City College Patron Agreement

The Library serves the College students, faculty, staff, and other authorized members of the scholarly community. In order to provide an environment conducive to research, to preserve the collections, and to ensure ongoing access to them, users are expected to respect the rules and regulations around use of library materials and property and to assist in the protection of library materials.

Every user of the Library has a responsibility to:

  • safeguard the integrity of library resources
  • respect the restrictions placed on access to and the use of those resources report to library officers the theft, destruction, or misuse of library resources by others
  • respect the rights of others to the quiet use of the Library
  • respect the authority of the librarians and staff whose job it is to protect library resources

The following are prohibited:

  • illegal copying
  • the systematic exploitation for profit of library resources or materials
  • unauthorized removal of materials or property from the Library
  • destruction, defacement, or abuse of library materials or property
  • use of library privileges for reasons other than personal research

Students, staff, faculty members, researchers, visitors, and other users who fail to comply with library rules and regulations are subject to revocation of library privileges, disciplinary action, and legal prosecution. All library users are subject to the fines and penalties of the College.


Library Member Registration

For your access to the library facilities please send us your registration by completing the "Registration Form".  Please download here, complete and send it by email at: , or by fax at: (00357) 24818572. 
For questions please contact our Librarian at:  00357-24818571



Library catalogues
Greek libraries
  • EKT databases :Databases either produced by or available through EKT (e.g. National Archives of Dissertations)
  • Humanities libraries in Greece :Includes the catalogues of collections of Greek history and archaeology research centres and institutes, as well as of foreign institutes of archaeology based in Greece.
  • Greek Academic Libraries :Library catalogues of higher education institutes in Greece.
  • Public and Municipal Libraries :Library catalogues of public and municipal libraries.
  • Libraries in the world :Library catalogues in Europe and North America (Library of Congress, MELVYL Union Catalogue, Oxford University, etc.)
  • Periodicals collections :Collections of periodical publications (EKT Journals Union Catalogue, ΕΚΤ/ΕΙΕ Library, etc.)


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  • Bartlett's Quotations
  • Creative Quotations Database that contains 50.000+ quotations that can be searched by keyword, source, subject and author.
  • Mathematical Quotations Server
  • Simpson's Contemporary Quotations Contains 10.000+ contemporary (1950-1990) quotations from 4.000+ sources.
  • Quotation Center More than 11.000 quotations that can be searched by subject, author and keyword.
  • The Quotations Page Over 21.000 quotations by more than 2.500 authors.

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Search engines, indexes, gateways

Search engines & indexes (Greece) 

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Search engines & indexes (other countries)

Search engines (collections)

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  • Academic Info Access to electronic sources on the following subjects: Area & Countries Studies , The Arts , Biological Sciences , Business , Digital Library , Education , Engineering , Health & Medicine
  • ADAM - Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway Access to electronic sources on art and architecture.
  • All the Virology on the WWW
  • Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Sites on the World-Wide Web A collection of websites on ancient Greece (full texts, images and maps, information on authors, geography, theatre).
  • Art History Resources Resources on art history, museums, etc. Worldwide coverage.
  • Biz/ed Web resources on financial statistical data.
  • BUBL (BUlletin Board for Libraries) Access to a catalogue of electronic resources on all subjects, with emphasis on Library and Information Science. Provides also bibliographic data and abstracts from journal articles, as well as access to the full text of hundreds of journal titles from 1991-95.
  • Byzantine & Medieval Web This page attempts to track allL Byzantine material on the Internet, and all significant entry points for Medieval studies. Has not been updated since 1998.
  • Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web
  • ELDIS - Gateway to Development Information
  • Electronic Resources for Classicists Access to texts, publications, images, educational information, online seminars and newsgroups related to classical studies.
  • Gateway to Educational Materials :Contains a variety of educational resource types from activities and lesson plans to online projects to assessment items.
  • Joe Shetler - Link to Ancient Rome Links and resources on the civilization of ancient Rome (numismatics, literature, religion, law and society).
  • Internet Ancient History Resource Guide Access to electronic resources on ancient history.
  • Internet Modern History Sourcebook
  • MEDNET HELLAS (The Geek Medical Network)
  • Medscape
  • OMNI (Organising Medical Networked Information) Access a searchable catalogue of electronic sources on issues of health and medicine.
  • PhysicsWeb : Physics around the World Links to articles, books, organizations, scientific websites, information sources, conferences, etc. on physics.
  • PSIgate (Physical Sciences Information Gateway) A free service that offers access to high quality Web resources in the physical sciences; there are currently 12878 resources in astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, materials sciences, physics, and science history and policy.
  • :A Greek gateway on issues of science and technology. [in Greek]
  • University of Florida - Classics Collection Provides the following collections (among others) on classics: subject guides, databases, bibliographies, directories of associations, e-texts, journals, thematic collections, and instructional resources.
  • World Wide Arts Resources - Museum Archives Art museums, collections museum exhibitions, and archives around the world. You can search alphabetically, by collections, country, or historical period.

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Almanacs & calendars

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