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Take a stand on climate change today
You can make a real difference and help cut CO2 now, just by taking these simple steps:

Reducing the pollution you generate at home

Tips you can use today - for renters & owners

Energy-saving globes save a huge amount of electricity by using new compact fluorescent technology. Compact fluorescents use 80% less power than traditional incandescent globes - which works out at around $15 saved each year for every light in your home!
Energy-saving globes fit standard sockets, and come in two colours - warm white (similar to old style incandescent bulbs) and cool white (a starker white, more similar to fluorescent tube lights). 

Now is the time to change

If you haven't changed your lights yet, you are not alone. But now is the time to do it! 
At the end of 2005, less than 1 in 100 lights in Australia were of the energy-saving variety - even though they have been available for over a decade, and can save households up to $150 on their energy bill each year.

Halogen downlights

Halogen lights are one of the most energy-consuming forms of lighting available. Unfortunately, if you have halogen downlights, direct energy-saving replacements at an accessible price are not yet available. 
As an alternative, however, you could use standing lamps with standard fittings.
Water saving showerheads
When you save hot water, you also save the energy that was used to heat the water up - so changing your showerhead is one of the most significant cuts in energy use you can make.
To easily reduce the volume of water you use at home, purchase a water-saving showerhead for around $20 at hardware and plumbing stores. Alternatively, you can purchase a water flow restricter from hardware stores for around $5.
Please note: To make a real difference, water-saving showerheads should be at least 3-star rated

Heating and cooling: close your home
There are several simple changes you can make in heating and cooling your home - although for most of us, they do take practice! 
For a start, heat or cool your house efficiently by shutting doors to the area or room that you're using.
In summer, open up your house late in the day when the weather changes and cools down - this way you're letting nature cool your house for you!
And of course, make sure you close curtains, shutters, doors and windows when heating or cooling your home, to keep the heat or cool air inside.

Control your thermostat
Set the thermostat on your heater or air conditioner a few degrees closer to the outside temperature.  If it is hot outside, the higher your thermostat, the less energy is required to cool.  If it is cool outside, the lower the thermostat, the less energy is used to heat.  
And of course, put a jumper on over your t-shirt before turning the heating on! 

Catch public transport, and walk or ride when you can
Did you know that transport in Australia account for over one-third of the pollution that is created in a household?
So why not ditch the car next time you go to work? 
Try reading a good book on the train, walking to work while listening to your favourite songs on your ipod, or getting to know your neighbour by car pooling.

Turn off your computer and appliances at the wall
Appliances on "stand by" look like they are switched off, but they still drawing a significant amount of power - and costing you money. 
Use one powerboard for several appliances at the same time (such as the TV, DVD player and sound system). You can then flick one switch to turn them all off at once.
Also, make sure you turn your computer off at the end of each day. 





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